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Apex Surveying and Architectural Company Limited is an estate developing company that deals with the sales of land, building and construction, Architectural and structural drawing, land registration, land survey, indenture preparation and site plan preparation. Our land demarcation is made in such a way that every plot faces a major or minor road depending on the location of the plot. The major roads are measured 60fts and the minor roads are measured 35fts and a plot of land is 70/100sqft. Our lands are located at very advantage points within the Ghana and are litigation free with water and electricity supply. Our civil engineering department is in to design and building of public and private-sector structures (structural engineering), and also oversee maintenance of building structures and infrastructures.


To impact and invest the best in the lives of people making their dreams reality. Delivering exceptional services in the housing and construction industry in Ghana using a highly skilled workforce in providing exquisite affordable homes to our cherished clients with all honesty in rendering the best possible value for money.


To provide high caliber of quality service to the society and the nation and to be a center for excellence in the field of real estate developing and management. Also to provide consultancy services to the community in all areas of civil engineering.


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